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Double “D” Knitting and Glove Inc., as a licensee of DSM Dyneema®, specializes in all styles and compositions of cut resistant gloves and sleeves made with Dyneema® “The world's strongest Fiber®“. All of our cut resistant gloves and sleeves are manufactured in the USA.

We have over 30 years of experience manufacturing cut resistant composite gloves containing Dyneema® “The world's strongest fiber”, Kevlar® Brand Fiber gloves and sleeves and . In addition, Double D Knitting and Glove is also proud to offer a complete line of industrial, high performance gloves and sleeves featuring ATA® (Advanced Technology Armor).

Our composite cut resistant gloves and sleeves are used extensively throughout the restaurant, food service and food processing industries. Our cut resistant gloves contain proprietary yarns and where necessary proprietary yarns & Stainless steel. These gloves and sleeves are designed specifically for the food service, food prep, restaurant, and food processing environment. They offer superior, fit, comfort and dexterity along with DoubleGuard®Antimicrobial Protection, that lasts for the life of the glove.

For applications that require the cut and puncture protection of a stainless steel metal mesh glove, Double “D“ has a complete line of gloves and sleeves of the “shark glove“ style Stainless steel mesh gloves as well as a complete line of stainless steel garments. All our stainless steel “shark skin“ glove styles are made in the USA and are repairable should there ever be a need to repair a glove or garment.

Double “D” manufactures a complete line of industrial work gloves and sleeves featuring ATA® (Advanced Technology Armor) fiber technology and Kevlar® Brand Fibers. Kevlar® Brand Fiber sleeves and ATA® (Advanced Technology Armor) sleeves are available in single or 2-ply, and lengths from 10“-24“, natural or Black Kevlar® color. ATA® single-ply sleeves are available in 10“ to 24“ , natural, and other colors. These ATA® (Advanced Technology Armor) gloves and sleeves offer 2 to 4 times the cut resistance for about the same cost.

Double “D” also manufactures a line of cold environment, cold weather gloves of Thermax®, Thermastat® and other high performance, moisture management fibers. These knitted, high performance cold weather liner gloves are sold under the Thermal Pro® label. In addition, we carry a complete line of high visibility orange and lime, palm coated freezer gloves.

DyneemaŽ is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.
Double D Knitting and Glove Inc., is a licensee of Royal DSM N.V.
KevlarŽ is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont
ATAŽ and Advanced Technology Armor are registered trademarks of Worldwide Protective Products, LLC.

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